behind the burqa net

Yes, I am a woman
I know I am a woman
Everyone knows I am a woman
Everyone thinks I am just a woman
A beauty of nature
A dream girl
A kind mother
An honest wife
A subordinate daughter and sister
An honest laborer without reward
A guilty member of society
Guilty of not being a man

Men should not look on my face
I must cover my face until the day I die
I get a headache
Without medicine I have to be patient
I walk in my cage
I walk behind its dark net
I can’t see my way
I fall down on narrow roads
They think I am stupid
Allah’s incomplete creation
No one feels my heart
My hurt

Men deal on my name
They make money by supporting women
But this support is just words
They build comfortable buildings
Maybe commercial buildings
Maybe huge castles
With pride they hang pictures of me on the walls of their halls
Me and my burqa

Earning more and more money
They have no regrets
They face the media
They say this is a picture of an Afghan women with burqa
They forget me
Forget my pain
I deal with my life
This is me
Yes, I am a woman

By Mina T.

Photo: Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images