Yesterday my sister was afraid of going outside,
Today my sisters are going to school,
And tomorrow they will work outside of the home.

Yesterday my sister was stoned.
Today she is studying to be a doctor,
And tomorrow she will save a life.

Yesterday my sister’s dream was to have a book.
Now she is in the library,
And tomorrow she will write the book.

Yesterday my sister looked at the world through a small window.
Today she sees the world through her camera,|
And tomorrow the world will see everything through her documentaries.

Yesterday my country’s women had no rights.
Now they are fighting for their rights,
And tomorrow they will have the same rights as men.

Yesterday my country was a desert.
Now my brothers and sisters are planting trees,
And tomorrow, in this garden together, we will live in peace.

By  Masooma

Photo of photographer Farzana Wahidy by Syed Nazakat.