Editor’s note: This poem was written for this year’s International Day of the Girl.

The only dream—the only one

I have in my life is to have
a daughter—to love her,

to love her like myself—a daughter
I, her mother, will listen to.

The day she is born, I will hold
a big ceremony, welcome
my angel, as she steps into my life—
my little fairy.

I will name her Rose,
call her Rain.

It will be a glorious moment—
when she arrives, opens her eyes. The Sun
will shine happiness into my dark life.

I will become the happy sparrow,
and dance in a line, across the balcony.

I will protect her, stand beside
and behind her, when she is in need.

Her words will be cherished.
I will listen to her, be her shadow.

I will keep her beautiful, like a bride.

With my tears, I will guarantee that she
will have her choice. I will allow her
to do her best.

Her words will not be forbidden.
I will celebrate her existence.

She will be an angel.
She will
be an angel.

By N.

Photo by US Embassy, Kabul; graphic by Blatman Design.