young girl with water and goat

Editor’s note: Our writer says: I remember a little girl in my mother’s village who was full of energy and had a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes, but she was very dirty. I asked her why she didn’t bathe herself, and she said her mom didn’t have time because she was busy with her eight brothers and sisters. I asked her, “When will you bathe?” And she smiled and said, “Maybe on my wedding day!”

The sun shines
Again I am in the desert with my cows and donkeys

I live in a tent, I am a daughter of nature
A stone from the mountain is my toy—

A stick of wood, too—and my lucky day
Is when I find a bottle of mineral water

I don’t remember when my mom washed my face
My hair is wild, like my destiny

Today I promised to my little goat
I will brush my teeth on my wedding day


By N.

Photo by Kate Holt