I Feel Lost

cell phones

I feel lost
Among strangers
With all the differences
Seems like no one knows my language
No one understands my words

I feel lost
Between high buildings
Unknown streets
Quiet towns
Even a map can’t help me anymore

In this mechanized world
I spend hours at the computer
With homework, classes, communication
While people walk quietly around
No talking, no laughter
Here, everyone lives in their imaginary world

I feel homesick for the
Crowded streets of Kabul
For the loud voice of the potato seller in the alley
And the whispering of the big children on the roads
Even for the neighbor’s lullaby at midnight
I feel lost.

By Kamilah

Kamilah is currently studying abroad on scholarship.


  1. Dear Kamilah: Your homesickness is so palpable, so very real in this poem. I agree: we spend so much time in our imaginary worlds. Sometimes we do “reach” people–or at least try to, for right now, I’m online, writing a response to your poem, but it is clear that this communication is only a pale imitation of real togetherness. I hope that you will find more connectedness out here in this strange country as you pursue your studies. In the meantime, we are very glad that you are writing and sharing of your life! Stacy

  2. Dearest Kamilah,
    I do agree with what you said and feel. It is true, but all people around the world communicate through technology. There are some people who are addicted to computer and cellphones even if they don’t need spending hours at the computer. Most of the time I feel the same. Sometimes when I go to dinner with my friends, I don’t fine the chance to talk to them because they’ll are busy with their smartphones. Well, I hope you find the opportunity to communicate with many people,
    Good luck,

  3. Dear Kamilah,
    I agree with you completely! What a meaningful poem. I hope you can overcome your homesickness and feel happier with your new home while you are there. I have felt it often myself. Denise

  4. Kamilah says:

    Thank you so much from all of you. I am very pleased by your nice comments.


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