abdul-rasul-sayyafWill you vote for a killer,
thieves, and smugglers?

He who closed schools, forced
the burqa, publicly stoned
women in public—joyfully.  

He brought suicides to schools,
mosques, hospitals, and parks.
He never went to school,
never learned Sia ra az
safeed jeda kardan

He fired rockets, killed
our children.
Instead of sending him to jail,
will you send him flowers
to congratulate him as he takes
the office of president or minister?

How can a mullah—
a warlord—be president?   
Isn’t it a crime against society
to listen to them? Isn’t it
dishonesty to vote for them?

There will be no future
for our country
with such people.

By Anonymous

Sia ra az safeed jeda kardan” is a saying that means he doesn’t understand the difference between black and white.

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, a former warlord with ties to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, is a 2014 Afghan presidential candidate. Photo by Reuters/Ahmad Masood.