pointing at blackboard

Can you hear me?
I have a vision:
personal choice.
I want to go to school.
I will be a leader.

Don’t make noise.
You’re a girl,
can’t go to school!
Leave your choice.

But it’s my great ambition.

No. It’s my position.

No. My heart is smashed.

I sweat all day
to earn money.

It’s my vision.

It’s fiction.

I want to study!
There’s no future without education.
Please. Don’t bind my hands.

Must I use my money to make your future?

I don’t want your money—
just my rights.

Today, you go to school.
Tomorrow, you’ll want to ride a bicycle.
That’s what I don’t like.

Look, we’re all humans
all of us, part of society.
Change your thoughts.
Let’s work together.

We don’t need to change.
I am the champion,
stronger than a mountain.
What are you?

I am a woman.
My goals are stronger than mountains.
I can change colors,
break down walls,
cross borders, make countries.

My vision is beyond your mind.

By Nelab

Photo: AFP/Getty Images