My Little Princess

Smile of Angkor

Editor’s note:  The author wrote this poem for her little sister.
Don’t worry

My little princess
If your childhood world is empty
Of toys

Don’t worry
My little princess
If your clothes are faded

Your shoes don’t fit
Your backpack has holes
Your friends laugh at your style

Don’t worry
My little princess
If the old women berate you for being a girl
If no one understands your feelings
If the elders slap your face for making a noise
If you cannot have the dress of your choice
If you are not allowed
To laugh aloud 
I promise
I’ll buy you a world of toys
Barbie dolls
Panda bears
Make you a beautiful dress
Like Cinderella

Buy lots of candles for your birthday cake
Your favorite candies 

Fashionable shoes
I am going to draw your dreams in Baba’s big rocks
Your smiling face in Buddha’s visage
We will laugh out loud
Holler and hoot
We will dance with the splash of waterfalls
Sing with the migratory birds
We will share our happiness
My little princess
With the world
By Kamilah
Kamilah is currently studying abroad on scholarship. Photo by Hans Stieglitz.


  1. Joelle Biele says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful poem with us, Kamilah. I love the last stanza–your dreams for the future–it’s so full of life.

  2. A gorgeous, gorgeous poem, bursting with love.

    From a writers’s perspective, I like how specific you are, telling us, in images we can see and hear and feel, what exactly you will share with your sister, goods that are both real and symbolic. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this love with all of us.


  3. ‘We will laugh out loud Shout ,We will dance with the splash of waterfalls, Sing with the migratory birds
    We will share our happiness With the world” – trully a dream to come true :)

  4. Dear Kamilah, thank you very much by sharing this beautiful poem. I am really moved by reading it. Hope you can make your sister’s dreams come through, and I believe you can do. I wish a peaceful and happy life for all children.


  5. Kamilah says:

    Thank you for you reading my poem, and your nice supportive comments. I am very glade that my writings have such wonderful readers like you all.


  6. Ahmad Malik says:

    Dear Kamil,

    Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your wish is come true.
    We all looking for your others poems.
    GOOD LUCH!!!!!!!

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