Never Think It’s Too Late


If your heart wants to do something
Do it
But don’t hurry
If you do it quickly it might be done in a wrong way
Start it now and do it the right way
If it becomes late
It will only be late
If you don’t try, it might never be done.
Start it from this day.

Day of the Girl

A girl constitutes a society
We can say a girl is the foundation of society
How is that?
A girl is first a daughter, then a sister,
then a mother. That constitutes a family.
Be tender with the child
This day is important
Every girl should have the possibility
of living in peace and
with good fortune.

By Yalda J.

This piece was written for the International Day of the Girl 2013. 

Photo by DVIDSHUB.


  1. Beautiful poems Yalda jaan.

    I hope that your nice words will not only stay as a poem but your dreams as a girl come true in our sick society.

    I loved both of your poems and pictured you as the girl in the picture in your poems, with her blue scarf and Hinna in her hands, I used to put Hinna in my hands and it brought me good fortune. Keep writing I wish your life become brighter as you are a great poet.

  2. Courtney Hayward says:

    Yalda J,
    I am an Australian Girl – for a university assignment I am researching and writing on the education system in your country, particularly with respect to women and girls.
    I stumbled on your two poems by chance and just wanted to tell you that I love them, particularly the first. You are a young poet.
    Warm hope and blessings from one girl to another,

  3. Dear Yalda J.,
    These are just incredible poems. They are both beautiful and wise. Thank you so much for writing. Please write more!
    Warmly, Jeannie

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