A Barbaric Tragedy


Editor’s note: According to local news reports, police in Baghlan were questioning witnesses about the sexual assaults on November 21.

What kind of a brutal act was this? Where shall I even start to tell of this cruel and barbaric act against a child, against a girl, where a girl becomes a victim of a girl.

It happened in Baghlan, a northern province of Afghanistan, where a seven-year-old girl was raped by a fifteen-year-old boy and then the family of the rape victim took their revenge by bringing the boy’s sister out of their home and raping her in public. Hundreds of Afghan men watched, enjoyed watching and no one objected.

These are the men who are always raising their voice about how they are Afghan, they are Muslim, and their wives and girls are their honor. According to their Islamic beliefs, women are not supposed to work outside the home and girls should not appear in public or speak with a stranger.

Scholars, mullahs, and members of parliament are always complaining and criticizing the media for publishing pictures of naked women and broadcasting anti-Islamic films and TV shows. Many of these are the people who disagree with the security pact between Afghanistan and the U.S., arguing that signing this agreement would mean westernizing Afghanistan and endangering their tribal culture. These are the ones who called the law for eliminating violence against women an anti-Islamic law. They say they will hold bloody protests rather than allow the law to pass.

I was shocked and could not speak when I heard about this tragedy. I was thinking about both girls. One is a child who is living her childhood, while the other one was sitting at home, unaware until suddenly several cowards pulled her out and raped her, apparently before a crowd of Muslim men. It is hard to call these men human and they don’t deserve to be called Muslim. They are like wild animals who know nothing but violence.

With their religious zeal they have all their slogans about how they defeated superpowers and lost lives for Islam. Now a child has been raped and her family takes its revenge by raping that boy’s sister in public and our brave men are silent, demonstrating they think what they did is right.

I come to this result: scholars, mullahs, and members of parliament are only using the name of Islam for their benefit in Afghanistan when in fact they are major enemies of Islam and a stain for Islam.

By Sitara B.


  1. Renate Callahan says:

    Unspeakably tragic and shocking. To think that a 15-year old started this avalanche of disaster. I believe you are quite right, Sitara, in your final conclusion. That is NOT what the prophet had in mind, AT ALL. Shame, shame, shame on all of them.

  2. This is a haunting story, Sitara. It’s hard to imagine a worse story for these two girls. Thank you for being brave enough to tell it, for being strong enough to speak out. Stacy

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