Kabul Nights

market stall at night

Arriving in Kabul during the day,
You face the traffic jams, people jams
Carts block the streets and crowds fill roadside shops
All the noises and car horns, 
The dust and pollution. But!  
Even with more than five million people
Kabul is still beautiful.

Visit Kabul during the night
As I did coming from Sheberghan.
The stars shine in the night sky
All is silent except the busy street cleaners.

Kabul is beautiful in the dark  
With the house lights off
Only streetlights illuminate the long roads
Now emptied of peddlers and push carts
Kabul is beautiful at night.

Maryam A.

Photo by Nazir Eklass


  1. Dear Maryam,
    How wonderful to have this description of Kabul at night. Your words have left a lasting memory with me. Thank you for writing!
    With respect, Jeannie

  2. As you describe in your poem, the beauty of Kabul…

    For me Kabul means like a lonely planet, like an empty land, like a wing loss sparrow, for me Kabul is like the heart of a woman under the burqa, you can see its physical existence but you cant see the heart while its beating. I love you Kabul… I have beautiful scars from you but I still love you like crazy….

    Your poem reminded me of home, love, my childhood in Kabul… thank you for writing it.

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