Mahsa’s 16 Lines for 16 Days of Activism


Violence is like a cloudy, dirty sky. Let’s make it blue and clean again.
It ruins not just the life of one person. It destroys all the people’s security.
Violence is like a day of darkness. Let’s change the darkness by ending violence.

How can we say that people are equal in their rights, when one of them is sacrificed to violence by another?
Violence destroys our society.
Men are not the only ones who are violent. Perhaps we can look at how women act towards one another.

How can we say that all people are going to start a new morning of freedom, when half of the people are in a dark, violent night? Let’s help that half.

The best way to stop violence is knowledge.
We can stop violence by removing early marriage.
Early marriage is the biggest violence against women. It brings hopelessness, darkness, and adversity.

I am a girl. I need to love and have friendships, not disrespect.
I am buried by violence.
Everyone thinks we are useless. Let us give a sense of importance to each other.

I want to be able to do things I want, not to be compelled to do something.
No one can stop me from arriving to my dreams and goals.
Making my own decisions is very important. It is my right and no one can take my rights from me.

We are not against men; we are against violence.

These are my messages for stopping violence. What are your messages for everyone?

By Mahsa, aged 13


  1. Let us give a sense of importance to each other!

    Let me let you know that you are important and your voice is important too. I am amazed by your talent and your power of understanding in age 13. Bravo dear sister!

    I also understand what do you mean and why you wrote these lines as I grew up in Afghanistan like you. It is also a sentence written in a frame picture in my heart as you say that we are not against men, we are against violence, that is true my dear sister, very true.
    Waiting to read more of your work, I wish one day I could translate your writings dear Mahsa.

  2. Your words are ringing in my soul, and your wisdom is a gift to us all. Yes–Knowledge is so very powerful for all, and my heart agrees with you. No one should be in the dark. We hold up our individual lights so that we remove the darkness of violence. Thank you for this lesson and for your courage. Your truth rings over the land.

  3. Dear Masha,
    What a wise young woman you are! I loved many words in this work, but I especially loved the words, “We are not against me; we are against violence.” Good for you. Thank you for writing!
    Warmly, Jeannie

  4. Brava, dear Mahsa, brava. Your words and your observation and questions are so profound and powerful. I appreciated much here, but I am thinking a lot about: “Men are not the only ones who are violent. Perhaps we can look at how women act towards one another.” In my experience, women can be just as cruel as men. Women can undermine each other, tear each other apart, hurt and control. I think it’s time for all of us to un-learn what we’ve learned from oppressors, and treat each other with respect and care. You are leading the way, Mahsa. Keep up the excellent work! Stacy

  5. Dear sis mahsa jan’ i am really surprised in you for having such a great talent and realization in age 13′ you are proud of us. i read your writtings and i appreciate your idiology about violence. surely i am agree that the best way to stop violence is knowledge and i hope one day the violence will be stoped in our country and society. best of luck for you.

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