I have heard many meanings
Life is beautiful, an endless sea of love
A broken mirror of the heart
The book of our good and bad memories
The history of our good and bad behavior

Life is a pearl, a tumble of tears
And is called infinite hope
As mysterious to me as the big sky and lands
Rivers and sunset views, stars and galaxies

For me, so full
Of pain and suffering
Seeing the swallows
Seeing the sea’s blue waves
If it were not so sad and scary
I would want to stay alive and never die

We should account for our days
What we are doing and thinking
Whether we followed all of life’s commandments
By the time we open our eyes this life is gone
The endless struggle over with
We should enjoy the good moments

Life is like a game played to win
Learn to run, to meet my goals
Learn from mistakes
Never repeat them
Go ahead and start another fight
With these hardships of life

For I am learning the real fact —
That life is hard
But I am harder
And yes, life is beautiful

By Mariam

Mariam currently lives abroad. Photo by John Bruckman.