Mother of Brightness on Wings of Freedom


Mother of brightness
on wings of freedom,
I am a woman.
Beautiful or not,
tall or small, wealthy or poor—
no matter.
No matter if
I am from North or South,
I am from Adam and Hawa—
love’s best friend.
Kindness is the name
of my lyric blood.
The perfume of my breathing
and my heart, a flower,
give you power.
In darkness, light, exile,
I remember to water you.
I am a woman,
mother of brightness,
your wings of freedom.

By N.

Photo by roujo.


  1. Dear N.
    What a beautiful, beautiful description of woman: mother of brightness. How powerful, how true, how inspiring. I hope I never forget these words. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write and share your writing with us.
    With much respect, Jeannie

  2. This poet writes “beautiful or not”, yet there is no question of her beauty. Her beauty shines through–so brightly!


  3. Nancy Antle says:

    Beautiful — and truly an example of how women are the “wings of freedom” for the people of Afghanistan — watering them with hopeful words. Nancy

  4. beautiful, and touching.

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