Once I Loved You


Consider that I loved you
That my precious heart waited
Each moment for you
The beating of my heart
Throbbed with your name

I thought you my mate
My fellow traveler
That we would be together
Here on earth and in paradise
Doing good,
A blessing for others
For our family
For our society.

But then I faced the other side of my merry life
You travel alone through the dark
With my foes, my enemies
You wanted to buy my heart in black coins
And sell it for nothing

Still, I remember you
My heart beats because I loved you.
But you didn’t understand me.
Now it is too late
Now I am happy.

You are the one who created darkness
Please don’t hurt me anymore
Don’t cross the border and come here
Please don’t harm my life
And my country.

Mina T.


  1. Dear Mina: May the person in this poem be protected from predators–the unknown and the known. Thank you for sharing these inner feelings and fears with us. Thank you for your beautiful work. Stacy

  2. Thank you for sharing your moving poem. These lines are particularly memorable: “You wanted to buy my heart in black coins / And sell it for nothing.”

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poem. I feel like you expressed all of your feelings very clearly and thoroughly. It isn’t easy to talk about a topic like this. I am glad you are happy though and hope the best for you. Thank you for sharing.

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