Why Can’t Tears Stop Your Violence


Why can’t our tears stop your violence?
You are always fighting
They say love is enough
To change the world
But still you follow terrorism
Killing your brothers
Injuring students
I say Enough!
Do you have heart?

Then look: Your mother wants to hug you
Your wife waits for you
Must your power come
By killing
Your brothers?
Look at the orphans’ tears
Please change
Listen to these tears
And stop!
So that we might smile
In peace for ever

By Nelab


  1. So much truth here, Nelab. So many questions that must be asked!! So many soldiers must be asked these questions. And so must the leaders who send them to war! Keep up the excellent work, Nelab! Stacy

  2. Dear Nelab,
    This is a very special piece of writing. It conveys such feeling and sincerity. I think such words can change hearts. Thank you for writing.

  3. Dear Naleb,

    Thank you for sharing your poem with us. This poem really provoked a lot of emotion in me. It expresses a profound longing for peace. It’s often so hard to understand horrendous acts and your poem really expresses a need for answers. I don’t have any answers, but I do know that there are people whose hearts are filled with love and by the way your poems reads you seem to seem to be one of those people. It’s a kind of love that wants peace for all.

  4. bobby jones says:

    Dear Naleb,
    First i would like to say thank you for a wonderful piece. I can tell this was truly heart felt and i can actually relate to some of the feelings you’re displaying in this piece. I live in Chicago and am of African Descent. It pains me to see all of the violence and deadly shootings that goes on in my city more specifically in my neighborhood. Along with you i will never understand why senseless violence is so strong. But hopefully with more writing like this it can change a person will to commit those senseless acts.


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