Jon Jamieson portrait

Please listen to me.
Don’t tell me what I want.
Don’t tell me what my happiness is,
What the best is for me,
What you want me to do.
Listen to me.

What I want is different
From what you think
Is good for me.
I cannot be you for me.
Discover me instead.
Let me speak out.

If you listen to me,
I can change my world.
I can live the world.
I want my children to live differently
than yours.
I want to live differently too.

A forward thinker,
a taboo breaker, I think. I decide.
My unspoken words, sharp,
They compile in my throat.
I have shrewd thoughts of my future.

It is selfish
For you to impose your ideas, force
Your beliefs on me—I am
A girl of a different time, and
Times have changed.
I cannot live like my grandma did.
She was not for herself.

Her words died and were buried with her.
But I am ready for change.
I won’t listen if you don’t listen.
I shake the world with my voice.
A new day today,
We must listen.

You listen to me,
And I listen to you.

By Marzia

Photo by Jon Jamieson.