three mothers

I remember my dream
saying: You are who you are,
Not someone who follows others;
You make your own path.

When you cry for help
the whole universe unifies to help you
accomplish your goals
to ensure what you want will be given.

These experiences you have along the way:
trying to learn something new,
trying to learn what this world is,
trying to learn who you are,
not always knowing the right or wrong direction

while struggling to find your quest,
hoping that one day the decisions you made
will lead to another place
where everyone understands you
and you understand yourself—
why you exist, what you can do.

You are a woman known as mother, sister, wife,
a woman who wants to find her own way.
You see you are not alone.
The whole universe is with you.
So the dream said.

And I say yes, I am awake,
I remember. I am
bringing my dream to life.

By Seema K.

Seema is currently studying abroad.  Photo by Martin van Asseldonk.