song sparrow

Visit me, my friends,
in my permanent prison.
Can you believe that I am a criminal?
My crime: Telling the truth.
My heart is a library of stories.
Borrow a story. Empty my shelves.
Read every one of me. Judge me
by my poems. Ask me your questions.
Talk to me.
I am an Afghan woman,
a soldier with no weapon,
a woman, with closed lips,
hidden under night
behind dark curtains.
There are no friends here.
         No peace.
                  No home is safe.
In my heart’s cage, though,
I will not be silent.
I smell freedom.
I will write poems and stories,
even if they remain unread here.
My pen has blue wings.
My soul is a city of love
and forgiveness. I am a garden
of words. The sparrows are my poems.
Come, my friends!
Visit me in my cage.
I welcome you
To this, my permanent prison.


Photo of song sparrow by Kenneth Cole Schneider