Heaven Doesn’t Need a Key

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O’ alien extremist, 
You make your world hell,
wear an iron key. 
You take innocent lives,
ruin the real world with your touch. 
You inhale
To get to Heaven,
A place you’ve never seen

How can you make a castle in heaven, 
When you cannot build a simple house in this world?
How can you make your creator happy,
When you make so many cry?
How can you get to an imaginary heaven
When you cannot think of a worldly paradise? 

That’s not heaven that you think of,
But an imaginary, ignorant world,
of darkness. Because Heaven can only
be opened by love,
Patience that you have never heard of.

The key is within you.
Open Heaven’s door with love,
With kindness, honesty. 
Find paradise where you are.

By Kamilah 

Kamilah is currently studying abroad. Photo by Ishtiaq Mahsud.


  1. Brava, Kamila!
    I especially appreciate this stanza:

    “That’s not heaven that you think of,
    But an imaginary, ignorant world,
    of darkness. Because Heaven can only
    be opened by love,
    Patience that you have never heard of.”

    May the desperate souls who are tempted to turn to destruction hear and know your wisdom.


  2. Dear Kamila,
    May all men and women everywhere listen to your wise words. Peace and love to you.

  3. Your poem, Kamilah, is at the very heart of what needs to be said these days.

  4. MH. KAM says:


    This poem is simple, but very thoughtful and wise. Afghans need to recite these words in their day to day lives. The key is within you.
    Open Heaven’s door with love,
    With kindness, honesty.
    Find paradise where you are.

    Very well said,
    Keep the good work

  5. Pat Collins says:

    Very powerful! it needs to be turned into a song to be sung by all. May your words reach out and awaken the good in all men and women.

  6. Mahbooba says:

    Such a nice job Kamilah jan, that is very true that the heaven key is love.

  7. Kamilah says:

    Thank you from your beautiful comments, and a special thanks for reading my piece and sharing your thoughtful ideas.
    Best wishes,

  8. Kamilah, I love this poem, it’s so true. My favorite line is the last: Make heaven where you are. Please keep writing. You have a great way with words and a lot of wisdom to share. All the best,

  9. Kamila, a beautiful and very insightful poem.
    Henry (and Joan)


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