many sheep

I heard life is beautiful 
Everything in this world is beautiful 
But that was only what I heard in my childhood 
When I got older I got to know the real world thinking
About the god who created me 

If I meet God, I will ask him
Why am I in this world?
Why should every pain be mine?
I cannot keep fighting against people
Or even with myself anymore

Sometimes I sit in the corner 
Of my room like a prisoner
Incapable of going out
Crying hidden under the blanket 
Waiting for the moment to be free. 

I find it difficult to walk in the street,  
Stoned by harsh voices, judged 
For how I walk
The clothes I wear
Or because I wear glasses

My relatives divide us up between the sons     
Ask the men which one of us they want 
Like they are choosing a sheep from a flock. 
Why am I a girl?

Why am I a girl?
If I meet God, I will ask him.

By Hila G. 

Photo by Borya