If I Meet God

many sheep

I heard life is beautiful 
Everything in this world is beautiful 
But that was only what I heard in my childhood 
When I got older I got to know the real world thinking
About the god who created me 

If I meet God, I will ask him
Why am I in this world?
Why should every pain be mine?
I cannot keep fighting against people
Or even with myself anymore

Sometimes I sit in the corner 
Of my room like a prisoner
Incapable of going out
Crying hidden under the blanket 
Waiting for the moment to be free. 

I find it difficult to walk in the street,  
Stoned by harsh voices, judged 
For how I walk
The clothes I wear
Or because I wear glasses

My relatives divide us up between the sons     
Ask the men which one of us they want 
Like they are choosing a sheep from a flock. 
Why am I a girl?

Why am I a girl?
If I meet God, I will ask him.

By Hila G. 

Photo by Borya


  1. Oh Hila, this is a very affecting poem. To imagine you being divided “between the sons”…that is an image that will stay with me a long time. You are asking important questions. Your questions deserve answers. You are brave to speak up, and to ask what is in your heart. May you be answered. May you find paths that protect you and allow you to blossom and succeed as best you can. Stacy

  2. Zubaida Tahiri says:

    Dear Hela, the poem is so nice! And i genaralize it to most of Girls in our society that suffers. Being judged by those who never deserves is s/th very untolerable. How to speak, how to walk, how to see, how to wear , how to laugh and every minor thing in our routine life is expected to b favourable as per thier setted standards! We would say no and together we bring a change!!! We are created girls , with strengths and capabilities . And Hila we are born to bring change and straight up the curves !

  3. Dear Hila. I am listening to your words, on the other side of the world. So keep writing.

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