A Different Kind of Day


Today is the 8th of March. 
It looks to be different kind of day.
The radio talks of successful women.
It talks of women in Parliament.
It talks of girls going to school.
Hearing this good news brings me hope.
Women can have political rights.
Women can vote.
Women can develop their minds.

Today is 8th of March.
All should know of this day named for women.
Mothers, sisters, and daughters will celebrate across the land.
And we will demand more.
Education is the best gift.
The government and international community must build schools for girls.
Afghanistan’s foundation will be its educated women.

Today is International Women’s Day.
A day to thank women.
A day to admire their bravery.
A day to ask what they need.
A day to give gifts.
A day to spread hope.
A day of celebration.
A different kind of day.

By Seeta


  1. Nancy Antle says:

    I love the line: “Hearing this good news brings me hope.” Your poem gives me hope too because of your optimism. It must be wonderful to hear about successful women on the radio — truly a different kind of day. I also love the line “Afghanistan’s foundation will be its educated women.” I so hope this becomes truth more and more. An uplifting, forward looking poem. Thank you for writing it!

  2. Your hope– and your acts, because you are a woman of both words and action – are deeply inspiring. This poem is meant to be read aloud. Today and on many more days to come. Beautiful work. Stacy

  3. Well said, Seeta, and also it’s International – which means that women from all over the world are hoping for your equality more than ever today! Maybe the energy of all of us wishing will bring some change. All the very best wishes to the women of Afghanistan, now and every day.
    From Sarah (Australia)

  4. Liz Titus says:

    Dear Seeta,

    Thank you for this lovely poem that is filled with hope for the future. I love the image of “spreading hope.” I could not agree more: the day is one to celebrate the bravest women on earth, the women of your country.


  5. Seeta, I am so very inspired by your words of hope. I feel such a positive energy coming from these words, and your expression of all the things a woman can (and should! and will!) do. International Women’s Day is just one day, but I will think about your message of hope and strength EVERY DAY. Thank you so much for your courage and your poetry.

  6. “A day to ask what they need.” The way to open up a dialogue with all people, young or old, no matter what their gender or station in life. We all need that kind of care and concern.

  7. Dear Seeta
    After long time i saw this website and see your writing again and my mind gone to many years ago hope you are fine …..

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