Today is the 8th of March. 
It looks to be different kind of day.
The radio talks of successful women.
It talks of women in Parliament.
It talks of girls going to school.
Hearing this good news brings me hope.
Women can have political rights.
Women can vote.
Women can develop their minds.

Today is 8th of March.
All should know of this day named for women.
Mothers, sisters, and daughters will celebrate across the land.
And we will demand more.
Education is the best gift.
The government and international community must build schools for girls.
Afghanistan’s foundation will be its educated women.

Today is International Women’s Day.
A day to thank women.
A day to admire their bravery.
A day to ask what they need.
A day to give gifts.
A day to spread hope.
A day of celebration.
A different kind of day.

By Seeta