Why should women be silent?
How can I fly
when my wings are pinned by this unfaithful culture.
How can I shout
when my mouth is closed, lest strangers hear me.
In which ear should I shout to keep my yell?

How can I move
when I am in jail, the jail of womanhood.
I’d like to move but I cannot in this horrendous cabinet.
My limbs are tight.

I have slaved for an unfaithful society
that uses illogic to hide my rights from me.
I live where they know women as Sia Sar, black-head and poor.
No, I’m not poor.
I’m not weak.

It was said that we are all at liberty, we are all free to live
but we are captured and tricked.
I sing of braveness and love,
I’m a woman.

By Nilofar

This poem was written for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2014.