2014 registration cards

First let me introduce myself. This is me: married woman with a good job, two children, a house, and hopes for a good future for my country. Sometimes I feel like an outsider when it comes to the elections because I have heard so many ill words against my country by people who are not from Afghanistan.

What I want from the election in April is representation of our country by a leader who has his heart connected with our people and their needs and desires. This candidate should have a curiosity about how best to serve Afghanistan and our people. He should know how to build infrastructure and be able to think about how to raise Afghanistan’s good name to the height of progress, development and, achievement.

By people, I mean all the people; this new leader must provide the means to engage our people to groom and build Afghanistan. For me, the 2014 elections are a real chance for the Afghan people for the first time to believe in their choice of leader and vote for someone who really will serve the country.

It doesn’t matter whether it is male or female and I do not just care about their background. What I am looking for in the campaigns is someone with real words coming out of his or her mouth—something that reflects instincts and love for our country and countrymen. Something that shows how their future “wishes” for our country will be achieved in their five-year term of leadership.

I am very tired of the dishonesty in my country and of the personal interests. Everyone has their own parties, their sects and ethnic backgrounds. I am looking for a real and honest person who will work for my land, build it, and pave the way for progress. Someone who can change the behavior of people to make them tools for progress and development of their country. Many people like me are busy trying to register to get their voting cards—we have up until a few weeks before the election to register to vote and I hope to get my card very soon.

By Saifora

Photo by S. Sabawoon