This piece was written at an AWWP workshop in Kandahar for International Women’s Day March 8, 2014.

I am a girl.
I want to be a good woman,
Complete my mother’s name,
Serve my children, my society.

I am a good woman.
A human, a mother, wife, sister,
Leader. I am the one
Who supports and promotes
Society. Respect me.

I love my mother.
We all love our mother.
The flower of the home,
She makes society.
One day, I will become
A mother too. I will know
The mother feeling well.
Respect her.

Educated, they respect us.
We respect each other.
Uneducated, like most here,
In my poor province,
They cannot know
the woman as a human
In the village of life.
Mother, sister, wife—
Light of the home.

Hire me.
Hire me as the human I am.
I can work.
I can work well.
Allah gives us all the ability.

A holy word.
She is the mother of the nation.
Respect her
Each night, each day.

The mother, sister, wife, daughter,
Woman is the light of society.
Her heart is soft, kind.
She can solve problems,
Not the way a man will do.

A woman’s heart is kind.
She wants to be complete,
Give service to her children,
For the new generation—
For the success of society.

Accept me. Respect me.
Give me a chance to be me,
Not the weak person
You want me to be.

By the Kandahar Writing Group