Bamiyan Province: Hakima is 23 years old and has been married for two years. She works at a job outside her home.

I am very interested in the election outcome and hope the people are able to choose a president that will be good for the future of Afghanistan. I am very optimistic because elections are one of the most important components of a democratic government.

The results will depend on the people of Afghanistan. It is very significant that we will be the ones to decide who is proper to lead and bring peace to our country. There are many challenges facing Afghanistan, but an end to the administrative corruption must take priority.

I have decided to participate in the upcoming election, just as I have participated in the past presidential, parliamentary, and provincial council elections. No one and nothing will prevent me.

I am not concerned about being unaccompanied on Election Day, but a lack of security can keep voters away, especially women.

I can’t predict who will be our next president, but I feel it is our responsibility to overcome the ethnic, language, and other forms of bigotry, and elect someone with the competence to serve as our president. I am not aware of every candidate’s positions but I know there are candidates who really support women’s rights.

The next president will preside over a very important five years. Candidates have different ideas, but I believe people should look for the candidate who has the ability to bring change to Afghanistan.

The next president also should continue the negotiations with the Taliban. It is very important to identify the main problems and find solutions. The Taliban are citizens of Afghanistan. Fortunately, my family was out of Afghanistan during the government of the Taliban.

We have to be united in support of a transparent election and prevent any outside interference.

By Hakima, as interviewed by Zakia