Kabul: Sadaf cannot read or write but she plans to vote in April for the first time. She wants the new president to have a plan for better security and a good strategy for dealing with aggression by neighboring Pakistan.

I am a woman who has the right to vote. Even though I am uneducated, I can choose my leader to build the future of Afghanistan.

Voting is a responsibly that must be fulfilled honestly. Everyone has a duty to vote. My brothers will not let me go alone to the polling station but I am happy to have them escort me because it is important to me to vote.

I think this election will be free of fraud and a transparent election will happen. I just have a concern for security because security is getting worse day by day in Kabul and other provinces. I am worried that something bad could happen and people cannot vote correctly.

I do not want to mention which candidates have a chance to win the election, but I just wish it would be a person who really loves the country and its people. I wish for it to be someone who does not just think of his own plans, but thinks about a good strategy for helping women.

More women should be able to find jobs. More facilities should be provided for women who work outside of the home because they also are mothers and someone must take care of children. The new president must think about the mothers.

The new government should not talk about differences in ethnic groups and language. All people should be respected as humans and as Afghans.

I wish for peace in Afghanistan. I wish for better education for my sisters so they will not face so many problems in their daily life.

By Sadaf, interviewed by Arezoo