She Is …

burqa shop

She is …
Not to be sold, used or exchanged,
Not a piece of paper or clean, white fabric to become soiled.

Put yourself in her place,
just for an hour. Wear the burqa.
Walk on Kabul’s streets. Feel
how difficult it is to be an Afghan woman. Think
about those days when you harassed her for no logical reason.

She is not a commodity to be hidden,
under black Hijab.
Worthless people do not know the worth
of others.

By Kamilah

Photo by Anja Niedringhaus.


  1. Thats is a great poem and great power you express from each of your word ..
    Thankyou very much for sharing it..

  2. “Worthless people do not know the worth of others” – the anger here sears…. and I don’t know how anyone who reads this poem could not feel this anger! I just read that 60% of Afghan girls are married before age 16.

    And now, to imagine being a bride before you are even an adult! To have all of that thrust on you so early, before you have your own two feet to stand on….

    Please keep writing, Kamilah. Your words are so powerful.


  3. McKenna says:

    This is such a terrific and insightful poem! I really enjoyed reading it and feeling the emotions and thoughts you have. Thank you for sharing, I very much enjoyed it!

  4. Your words took me to those day, I had to wear Burqa and couldn’t see the way I wanted to see.
    Thanks for your writing!

  5. Kamilah says:

    Thank you all for your supportive comments, and I am very happy that my writings have such wonderful readers like you all.

    Thank you,


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