Kabul: Madina is 35 and a mother of seven children. She regrets that she cannot read nor write. She believes that every voter should think carefully and honestly about the person they vote for.

I want to vote in order to make a bright future for my children because my vote is for the selection of a new president for this country.

I did not participate in the last election because my husband did not allow me to vote. He understands now that women have the right to vote and select their president, the same as men, so he allowed me to get a voting card.

I want to see new changes in Afghanistan but these changes must be realistic. I am tired of hearing explosions and suicide attacks in nice Kabul. It is time to stop them and the new president must have a good strategy to fight with anti-government elements.

Today I am very disappointed that I cannot read and write, and this happened to me because the Taliban closed our schools and insecurity deprived me from going to school. Now we feel the same insecurity and I cannot go out without having my husband accompany me. I fear that a suicide attack could happen and if I am a female out by myself, who would help me? Someone from my family should be with me.

I hope the new president will think about women’s rights and consider women as equal to men in society. And there should be an increasing number of literacy courses and educational facilities for our children. Education is important to improve our lives.

I can tell you the name of some of the candidates that have good programs in their plans: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Dr. Ashraf Ghani, and Abdul Rab Rasul Sayaf.

We feel fear that the Taliban regime will come again to rule. We women really do not like them, because they close all doors to the women.

By Madina, interviewed by Ragina