B. Fatima A. introduction

B. Fatima A., one of nine children, lived in Iran as a refugee from the time of her birth until the fall of the Taliban. She and her family then returned to Afghanistan. She studied for one year in the U.S. When she is finished with school, she hopes to serve either as an Afghan diplomat in her country’s embassy in the United States, or to work for the United Nations.


  1. Great, she seems soo hard work and active.Dear fatima hope you a nice and good future.iam sure that you even can become an embussidor you know why? bcz its also
    my aim in my life.
    Good lck

  2. So your life must be hard. I hope that thing’s get better and I hope that you post more off tin. Bit that’s OK that you don’t post. So good luck and be careful.

  3. Susa Abrar says:

    Dear Fatima you will have a good future good future is wait for you i know you will be good leader to our country be successful in your life.

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