british patrol

peace, peace, peace shouts
what is this peace, I can’t see it
is it something to eat or drink
it sounds sweet whatever it is
how much it will cost to buy
who can sell peace, I want to buy

I know war, I see it every day
I see it in daylight and even in dreams
it’s a red color, it’s so cheap
it has a harsh voice
you can find it easily in my homeland
it takes lives
it kills children, young and old
yesterday it was close to taking my life
I escaped
it can be in a restaurant
it can be in your workplace or university
everywhere, everywhere in my land

peace, peace, peace shouts
and my throat is hurting
calling for peace, it never comes
please, if anyone has seen it, please
bring peace
we are tired of cleaning blood

By Hila G.

Photo: UK Ministry of Defence