Safia introduction

Safia is from Kandahar, one of eight children, and would love to become manager of a company so that she could help women workers.


  1. Hi Safia,

    I was so honored to read Winter School Days in Kandahar last night. The imagery, humor and love you infused and the smells and tastes of your world were infectious and jumped off the page! So many audience members raved about the work. I told them, “it’s easy to create a beautiful performance when you are dealing with such powerful, beautiful, and honest words and worlds… actors especially love working with great writers and writing.” Thanks for giving me this opportunity to bring your words to life last night. I was honored and humbled to be a part of this powerful experience and am inspired by your work and YOU. My thoughts are with you as you continue to write and be heard.



  2. Forced Marriage – Shame of Divorce
    An inspiring and heart touching story of Palwasha, this is the turn of events on endless number of Afghan girls in rural Afghanistan and we as chauvinist men admire our superiority not feeling the softness of emotions of another fellow human. She could have been our sister or daughter.
    As an afghan I feel helpless not being able to help half of the Afghan society suffering in quite and dark corners of our homes.
    Shame on me

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