smoking-opiumShe is like a star in the Afghan nights
Married to a dark-hearted husband
She thought she’d spend her life serving him
Her four children sometimes full, sometimes hungry
She thought just be nice and obey.

But inside the addict grows a devil
The drugs change him
The face and body of a husband
Teasing her and beating her
The addict in him terrifies her.

When she hurt she cried alone,
No one knew her suffering and sadness
Until one day the devil hacked her face and body
Why? The innocent women are Allah’s
Most perfect creations.

Women! You must save yourselves
Allah gives you this right
Just be nice and obey is not enough
Before the dark day comes
Before the crimes come to light
You must stand and defend your rights.

by Mina T.

Photo: Anuj Chopra/International Relations Security Network


  1. Very well said, Mina. You are capturing so much feeling, so much truth, so much power in one poem. Anyone who has had any experience with an addict or an abusive person will immediately understand what you are saying here–the fear and risk is a universal problem. Again, you did a beautiful job talking about a horrific situation. Thank you. Stacy

  2. Mina, this is such a powerful and sad poem. This kind of thing happens the world over, not just in Afghanistan. I hope women listen to you and find the strength and support to stand up for their rights. Thank you for writing. Jill

  3. Kierra Johnson says:

    Wow that was deep and well put together. Mina writing this might have changed the way someones life ends up. You might have made women stand up for themselves. I’ve never expierienced that situation personally but I watched my mom go through an abusive relationship. She was so sweet and respectful I could not understand why anyone would want to hurt her but when we’re young we never understand. But now she’s free living pieceful and happy in the sky.

  4. Alliyah Phillips says:

    This was a very powerful and interesting poem. It was very deep and well written. These are encouraging words for women who think less of themselves. It also shows how women in Afghanistan are being treated without recognition. I respect the women in this country and they deserve to stand up for their rights and be treated equally regardless of their sex. Great poem! :)

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