Badakhshan 2

Hey, angry mountain, I’m talking to you.
Why are you so angry with my people?
Can’t you see our tears, feel them on your dirt?
Once again, sorrow is everywhere,
Once again, screams and moans, fear and panic.
Mothers crying for lost children,
Children crying for lost parents, men crying
For lost wives, wives crying for lost husbands.

Nights are dark. Eyes close but we can’t sleep.
Everybody searching, digging, hoping
To find family beneath the rubble.
Hands shake, hearts ache.
Why are you so angry with my people,
The kind and loving people of Badakhshan?
Land of soaring mountains and green valleys.
Can’t you see our tears? Can’t you feel them?
Angry mountain, you have been too cruel.

By Rahela

Photo: International Organization for Migration / Matt Graydon