dark room

Title: Girl in the Dark Room

To turn on the light is forbidden
Candles may be dangerous too.
They can steal my virginity.

Be away from light!
I am told.
Beaten, beaten.

Empty, I must obey,
accept darkness
as a gift of God

Forbidden from loving,
I am filled with too much pain,
too much hate.

A girl, forbidden from talking,
I must listen. I am a mistake,
an enormous shame.

Forbidden from asking,
What is my fault?
Why am I such a mistake?

Girl in the Dark Room,
The tale of a poet,
Silenced, silenced, silent.

Girl in the Dark Room
is published, but the poet
is dead.

Girl in the Dark Room.
The poem written on her tombstone:
There is no silence for poets:

Only power.

By N.

Photo by Chaos Stocks.