yellow moon and spire

Who is this Moon
Who makes me unsteady?
When I see His works on earth, I pay no attention;
(only when we are miserable do we ask for His help).
When He is gone, I keep thinking of Him;
when I remember Him, my heart shakes.
When I imagine Him,
My eyes sparkle,
My body gets warm.

Who is this Star
Who occupies my night’s dreams,
Who seizes my day’s mind,
Who is part of every aspect of my life?

Who is this Angel
Who becomes my Prayer Book,
My daily poems,
My night’s songs
My lips’ smile.

Who is this Sun,
Who makes my life light up,
Who makes my winter warm,
Who turns my fall into spring?

Who is this familiar Stranger,
Who controls my destiny,
Who writes my history,
Who teaches me love?

Who is this Moon
Come from the sky
Or born from the ground?
His Name is the start of my day,
The end of my night.

By Sitara B.

Photo by Matthew Paulson.