I believe voting is everyone’s right and the Afghan people have already shown that they believe in using their rights by voting in the presidential election. But I am concerned about whether all those who voted in April will join in the voting this time or not.

In the first round, people were scared, but wanted to vote. This time is different. The level of interest and joy about the elections has changed completely.

I was afraid, but also delighted in the first round. I needed people to go with me that day to the polls for safety. But this time we have spent so much time waiting for the results, with the Elections Commission saying something different each time, and then changing the date and time of the runoff election. I am not sure if anyone from our family will even vote this time.

My other concern is that we now have two candidates supported by many different groups because some of the original eleven  candidates who did not get enough votes to be in the runoff election announced their support for one of the two finalists.

Some voters don’t like this. They may like the candidate himself, but don’t want him influenced by these new supporters. We all know that the supporters will get high positions in the new government and will not bring change. Their programs are not the same as what the two finalists propose and we can’t be sure if the two candidates are going to change their programs just to satisfy these people in order to get the votes they bring.

It would have been better if these two top vote getters had rejected the offers of support and respected the people’s vote. Afghan people don’t want someone when they know he will not do anything for the benefit of his countrymen and women.

By Asma

Photos of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (by S.K. Vemmer) and Abdullah Abdullah (by Philippe Grangeaud).