Bamiyan— I am Nikbakht from Zargaran village in the center of Bamiyan province. The most important challenge for the women in Ramadan is lack of good nourishment and good foods.

It is really difficult to watch other neighboring families having many kinds of foods and we cannot.

The most significant need in Ramadan is getting enough food to eat. Otherwise it is very difficult to fast during the day. We always wish for many kinds of expensive and delicious foods like our neighbors.

My husband is the only person who is working and brings us money. We have six children including two boys and four girls. My husband is a laborer. We live with a very low income. If you hear my voice, please help the poor women in Bamiyan. We are ready to work if given the chance. We need something for food during Ramadan.

My message to all women is to try and find a job to help your families. The government offers no assistance yet. A restful life is impossible without enough income.

By Nikbakht as told to Zakia