Kabul— I am Rahima and I am 40 years old and my biggest challenge during Ramadan is not fasting, but it is after fasting ends and we open our napkin and we don’t have anything to eat, not even a date.

I live in Taimany and the government didn’t help us during Ramadan. The price of a kilo of potatoes rose to 300 Afg and flour is 1500 Afg.

We have only 5000 Afg salary per month, so we cannot pay the house rent and also have food. When are not able to buy the food, most of the nights after we have fasted, we go without eating anything for Iftar.

For those people who are listening to my voice, I’m asking, please help us in this holy month with food for my family.

I have six children—four daughters and two sons. My daughters are at home and my sons go to school. They have no books or notebooks or pens or any of these necessary materials. It is painful for a mother.

If the government will pave the way for us to use our skills, we women are ready to go to work—at weaving or embroidery or something like this.

By Rahima as told to Zohra N.

$1 US equals 58 Afg.