Kabul— I am Lajward. I am 40 years old and I live at the traffic square of Kabul with my six children—four daughters and two sons. My husband and one of my sons are ill. I work in a house cooking and washing and caring for the baby.

My salary is 7000 Afg per month but all of this money is spent on my son and my husband’s illness. I don’t have enough money for my son’s treatment. I can’t even buy him a kilo of prunes because they are very expensive.

In Ramadan I have nothing to put on a napkin in front of my husband and children. I have only water and bread. I swear to you that in the ten or eleven days of Ramadan that have already passed and we have had nothing but bread and water to eat.

Please help us. Please send me something to break the fast. The government does not help poor women and families and instead allows the prices during Ramadan to be more expensive.

By Lajward as told to Zohra N.

$1 US equals 58 Afg.