butterfly on pink

Love, I do not know where I lost my happiness.
Those times when I was such a butterfly,
full of happiness, without an ache,
in my dreamy house on the clouds of sky
with all my wishes in that house.
I don’t know if I lost my way,
or opened a wrong door for a foreign man

He called me— The city pretty girl,
       Oh, unique girl,
       I want to be with you; I swear to all things you trust.
       Please be with me,
and read—with me—the love poem to the end of the world:
       I know you love the rain and breeze,
       and I became rain and breeze because of you;
       accept my love, accept being with me,
       or I will die because of you!

With his ideas and poems
He rode with me on angel wings,
And placed a crown on my head,
like the queens of the seven countries
and showed me the lucky life,
and carried me through my city of wishes.
I found all lost dreams and my life’s partner.
I said to myself:
he is real, that man I want—
he is real, honest, lovable,
the man for whom I have waited many years—
an Afghan Prince who rides a white horse,
Prince, whose eyes are love and purity.
he—the first man I loved.
he—who shared my dreams,
simple, honest with
his habits and words
were the same as my habits and words.

So I had forgotten myself, sharing my dreams
with his, and when he said:
      I am sorry.
      You are not the girl I want.
And I cried and cried,
my heart hurt, became filled with aches,
filled with a time when I was eyewitness to dreams
and was not in this world and had no address.
I was alive, but I mourned my body with all its wishes,
And read my death dreams’ Namaz.
I was not in this world and had no address
I was life with no body, no spirit, no wishes
I lost my desire to obtain all things.

But when I was life with no body, no spirit, and no wishes,
who had lost all things, and obtained all things:
My real Friend with real Love—
honest and lovable. With His Love
and Honesty, there is no doubt.
When I am full of sadness, and in battle
with all things and with myself, He
listens to me with patience, and fills
my soul with love. He accepts me,
and I have no aches now,
I am lightweight—with
no fears for past or future,
for I have found real Love, My Allah’s Love.
I have arrived on the beach with no
fear of life’s rising tides,
for I am not alone;
      in every moment
            every trip, Allah’s Love is with me.

By Friba

Photo by Lee Ruk