dark room with candles

Tonight is my night,
Come with me,
Tonight is a night for poetry, love, and honesty.
I have my candle, my deep, dark night and
the lonely moon in a big sky.
My pen, my paper,
So much to talk about,
So much to write about,
I don’t know if I will have them tomorrow.

Tonight is my night,
Come with me
And I will tell you the secret of life.
Everyone is sleeping,
I am awake,
And I am deep in love with life.
It is sweet, it is bitter, still I love it.
It is silent now, but there is so much
noise in my memory. Life makes me cry,
makes me laugh, reminds me I can be
a child again, even with gray hair.
My cane will hold me,
guide me to the end of my journey.

Tonight is my night,
Come with me before tomorrow
When the sun will rise again,
Birds will sing again,
Seasons will come again,
But when I am gone,
You will not see me again,
You will not hear me again.

I will leave my words behind,
My poems, my memories.
You will find me there.
You will feel me there.
Tonight is for poetry
Tonight is for laughter
Tonight is for uniting with life.
Tonight is my last night
Come with me!

By Shogofa

The author is a student abroad. Photo by Lavinia.