A pack of hungry, fierce dogs surrounds a baby gazelle.
His eyes full of tears, he gazes at his soulless predators,
The sky is crying, the mountains, cannot see, depressed
In the face of too much cruelty, the river floods.
The ground has changed into doomsday
Children cry; angels lay unconscious.
But the bloodthirsty jackals and wolves remain.

I walk from mountain to mountain,
Valley to valley, desert to desert,
And have never seen such a brutal butcher,
Such a bestial one that slaughters his prey while sleeping—
A legal terrorist whose humanity is dead,
A stone savage with no mercy, addicted
to hunting human meat and drinking human blood.

He calls himself civil, but does not care about humanity
Gaza sinks in blood, but the world community is glad.
Arab leaders keep silent—slaves of the West.
They have ignored the brutality in Gaza for so long.
Human Rights turn into Human Wrongs,
As the puppet United Nations slides in slogans.

Bullets rain and Gaza becomes a holocaust.
No one feels the pain of the victims.
The killers of prophets, addicted to genocide
Burn these men alive. No one will survive.

The gazelle begs with eyes full of tears
And pleads with them:
Break my horns, slash my stripes,
But do not destroy my home, my tribe.

By Sitara

Gaza, 27 July 2014: During a brief cessation of hostilities, families returned to Shujaiya in eastern Gaza, scene of some of the heaviest Israeli bombing. Photo by Iyad al Baba/Oxfam International.