For the daughter, her Dad is the first hero—
the man who never cheats her, the man who trusts her,
and gives everything without regret.
From the time I opened my eyes my Dad protected me
Even though having a girl was no less than a crime.

There is the gossip—
Your husband will marry another woman—
tears fell from my mother’s eyes
and she cried again when I arrived,
the fourth daughter.

But my father supported me,
fought to give me rights in this society
of men, where women are the second sex,
the forgotten other half.
When will my country count the other half?

The forgotten women, who are
more powerful than any creature,
more kind, more innocent.
I love my Dad for giving me this sense of self,
for sending me to the school he could barely afford
but worked all day to pay for, and to help make my future.

I will always be with you Dad, as you were beside me
protecting me from evil. I will always be with you.
When we are growing, we forget that you grow older too
May my lord keep you healthy, always.

Farahnaz R.

Photo by Jaheda Sadat