Look around
God gave you angels:
Your mother, she
carried you for months. She
fed you for years. She
was awakened at night
to hold your small fingers,
and taught you to walk. She
repeated every word
and taught you to talk,
ignored your mistakes,
and guided you right.

God gave you angels:
Your sister,
who made you ready for school;
She organized your schedule,
helped you with your lessons,
and kept eyes on you so you
would not be seduced. She
hugged you when you fell down
and kissed you when you got hurt.
She helped you cross the street,
and gave you courage.

God gave you angels:
Your wife,
makes your life beautiful.
She gives you her body.
She makes you laugh,
and prepares your bed;
She warms you with hugs,
and cuddles you
when you are exhausted.
She gives birth.

         These heaven’s angels are for you:
ridding you of pain,
hiding your sin,
making your home prosperous,
supporting you on bad days.
Don’t leave them on your happy days.
         She tolerated your poverty,
         She deserves dignity.
         She devoted her entire live to you.
Don’t cheat her, don’t hurt her.

         Your daughter
is the mirror of your success,
the light of your home,
the sign of your love.
Don’t force her into marriage,
         Don’t sell her.
Give her a book, pen, and courage;
Don’t see her for less.
Her small heart
beats for your love.

         These heavenly angels
are God’s reward for you.
Open paradise’s door
         by loving them.
Close hell’s doors
         by not abusing them.

By Sitara B.

Photo by Caliope Dreams