I want to live just like a wind, be free—
fly in the sky with no rules,
break the chains that bind me.
I want to live my life like a tree—
grow without limitation,
bloom with no explanation, regulation
and die—
naturally. I want to shine as a sun
on the world. I want my heart
to guide me so I can feel oxygen, live
like a wind, be free.

Don’t give me pain.

Give me rest.

My tears have dried up.
I need peace, to shine like the moon.
I want to live like a wind, be free
to dance with nature, sing
with birds, fly with them, feel the freedom, lose
myself in nature’s

Don’t put me in a cage!
Don’t be evil to me!
I want to live like a wind.

By Shogofa

The writer is currently studying abroad. Photo by Jack Wolf.