I wish my home
Was a place full of cheer
Free of rage
I’m sick of ruses

I wish my blue sky
Was full of light stars
Free of fire
Clear of smoke

I wish my muddy cottage
An old cottage
But full of love and integrity
Had prosperity rain down on it like a shower
The voice of love coming from
behind its walls
peace knocking on its doors

I wish my street
Was free of noise and fighting
Free of treason and criticism
Where kids play with toys not guns
Where people use
The language of solidarity,
Forgiveness and unity

I wish my society, was a pure society
Where the politicians work for change
Not to fill their pockets
Where people overcome challenges

I wish my garden was a place
Where air is soft and breezy
Flowers are pure, fragrant
Canaries sing songs of loyalty
Butterflies fly with fidelity
Breezes coddle my face
And kiss my lips

By Sitara B.

Photo by Peretz Partensky.