Being a girl is the most amazing experience in the world.
Sometimes it couldn’t be easier, other times it couldn’t be more difficult.
Sometime one feels blessed, other times cursed.

Tears come to my eyes when people say girls are made for the kitchen.
It hurts when I’m seen as society’s second sex.
When we have to fight for what we already own.
When your mom and dad love your brother more.
When people say you run, talk, think like a girl.

The sound of their loud laughter kills us.
But we and our god know.
There is no softer creature than a woman and no creature as tough.
Women are not here to be compared with men, but to complete them.
Life without women is night without moon, winter without snow, rain without falling drops.

I feel proud to be a girl.
I say to the world: Never underestimate a woman.
A time will arrive.
She will be weak and broken.
She will collect the broken pieces of herself and become stronger than before.

Farahnaz R.