Once upon a time, I walked on the clouds, talked
to the moon, listened to the stars, laughed with the sun,
jumped up and down with the rain drops
into a deep ocean,

where fish were having a goodbye party,
even though they were afraid of going on a journey
of no return, afraid of saying goodbye
to the ocean of inhumanity and humans.

As I walked into the woods, the trees were shaking,
not because of the wind, but from seeing their friends
fall down on the cold, hard ground.

A mile further, I saw two birds
sitting on the branch of a collapsed tree,
looking hopelessly at the pieces of their fallen nest.

On that day, I believed the rain was God’s tears.
She cried to show sympathy for her creatures.
She cried, cried deeply, and loudly.

By Kamilah

The author is currently a student abroad. Photo by Alice Rosen.