I open my eyes and my heart is happy
My eyelashes reach for the sky
My glass bangles jingle
As I raise my chubby hands
It’s like when I pray to God
I love the henna designs my Mother
Painted on my hands last night
The vibrant red stars wink in my palms
Tickling me to wake up
It’s Eid and I am happy to leave sleep behind.

I am eight now
As big as my own family of eight
Yet I feel small under our thick blanket
With the tiger and jungle design
Today I see through my small wooden window how
The sun sprinkled a rainbow of rays
Like a path of light leading to paradise.
I turn in the warm bed I share with my sister
My glass bangles sing out to
Remind me that Eid is here.

I look for the bundle next to my pillow
My hidden treasure is still there
I have my red and white skirt and the
Precious new shoes my father bought me
Today I will become a princess in my new umbrella skirt
Prettier than all the other girls together
I will be lovelier than Sara and Arezo,
The neighbor girls.
It’s Eid and my heart giggles
It’s Eid and I want to run and shout.

I think of stealing Mother’s kohl and mascara to
Blacken my dark brown almond-shaped eyes
And I’d cover my lips with the red of rose petals
I splash cold water on my face and
laugh with my sister
I want to fly like kites in the bright blue sky and
Swim like fishes in the emerald water
Today is a wonderful day
For it is Eid.

By Mahnaz